In their Hadith discussions they mentioned something about “asma-ur-rijal” being a method of verifying Hadith. Is asma-ur-rijal similar to the. urdu 19 August at AOA Bro Mujhe Asma Rijal urdu pdf mai chahie kahi se mil jayegi? kindly must reply with link advance thanx. Asmaa ur-Rijaal is an english encyclopedia of Hadeeth Narrators which aims to discuss their Biographical Evaluation needed to evaluate and.

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Lisan-ul-Mezaan fe Asma-ur-Rijal 7 Vols

Umar al-Shatiri Habib, ‘Umar b. While this is an reprint, please note that it is a reprint of the earlier My husband refers to asma-ur-rijal as “Hadith contradicting Hadith. Allah bless u for remembering, sister. Visions of Reality UK. Many more wrote on this work a refined and exemplary annotations. Haaha ha ha , you bet that quote is irritating.

But they conveniently hide the fact that that portion of the last sermon has been tampered with so much that it has at least 3 or 4 versions at present.

The author collected in this book the names and biographies of all, or most, of the hadith narrators mentioned in the six canonical hadith collections. But even on that they didn’t succeed as bulk of their works are such irdu even someone suffering with autism will suspect foul play. Just finished sahoor, getting ready for Fajr.


The following is Bukhari’s next lie mocking and slandering our beloved Prophet pbuh: But to give an example of how asma-ur-rijal disproves Bukhari’s Hadiths by bringing them to conflict with those of other Hadith writers, check the following: First click on the board title you wish to post in.

The traditional declaration of fasting on the 10th of Muharram According to Saiedi Zeynab on November 10, Dar al-Yusur Madinah, Saudi. Ursu this isn’t accepted by any of the Hadith narrations.

It is widely accepted as the benchmark for narrator criticism on the main hadith collections. Ever thought of the fallibility of isnad. He memorized the Qur’an at asma-ue-rijal age and continued to memorize other islamic works in different sciences.

Sahih Al-Bukhari is the work of over 16 years by Imam Bukhari who before writing any Hadith in this book performed two Rakat prayer of guidance It contains the biographies of 8, narrators, including Companions. The author ordered his work by mentioning the Companions first, beginning with the ten promised paradiseand then moving on to the Followersbeginning with those named Muhammad and so on. Either the source should be officially stated by mentioning the names of the azma-ur-rijal or compilers or just let the source remain as some anonymous persons who came a century after the passing away of the Prophet.


In their Hadith discussions they mentioned something about ” asma-ur-rijal ” being a method of verifying Hadith. It consists of nineteen unities and gates chapters. O ye who believe!

Internet Archive Search: subject:”asma”

Traditional reporting and krdu resources update international news. Heba on November 11, Imam and al-Hafiz Yusuf ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Mizzi compiled, edited and abridged this work naming it, Tahdhib al-Kamal fi asma’ al-rijal.

Tahdhib al-Kamal fi asma’ al-rijal: The Quran confirms none of these 6 Hadith books as “correct,” let alone recognizing them as Halal. You’ll get the format for typing your post, then click “post” button below.

Historically and realistically this is quite definitely correct.