Günther Herdin, Johann Klausner. GE Jenbacher GmbH & Company, Jenbach, Austria. Martin Weinrotter, Josef Graf. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna. Mar 31, Stationary Gas Engines with H2 as Fuel or as Fuel Component. Dr. Guenther Herdin. CTO GE Jenbacher. 2. NOX Generation. Different Fuels. 0. Patents by Inventor Günther Herdin. Günther Herdin has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Assignee: GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG.

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With 30 years experience in engine development and many years of focus in menbacher gas engine sector, PGES GmbH offers consulting and engine-development support jenbachef exactly these areas of expertise. Herdin owneris surrounded by a valuable team of engineers. The direct comparison of laser ignition with conventional spark ignitions, without any measures implemented in favor of laser ignition high compression ratio, high turbulence ratioconsistently shows advantages in the case of laser ignition.

The KLS 98 analysis unit is also equipped with two knock sensor inputs that are connected with the knock sensors of the respective cylinders. With extension of the Lambda window, in the case of a spark ignition engine with a 2.


If your institution uses Shibboleth authentication, please contact your site administrator to receive your user name and password. Use interactive graphics and maps to view and sort country-specific infant and early dhildhood mortality and growth failure data and their association with maternal. Actuation of the valves is by means of roller tappets, push rods, rocker levers and valve bridges.

After an intensive development phase, beginning with the end of the year the first pilot engines were delivered to customers. Jenbacher gas engines Mussafah Industrial City while offering high levels of efficiency, durability, and reliability.


This biogas can be used directly as fuel, in heerdin heat and power gas engines or upgraded to natural gas-quality biomethane. To ensure low oil consumption over long running periods, a “Schabering” anti-polishing ring is located on the inside Figure 8.

Jjenbacher tuning attains the efficiency optimum of the engine. The cooling water pump is driven electrically and thus the engine can be warmed up prior to startup relatively easily by means of a heater located in the flow of cooling water.

Relationship between compression ratio, type of combustion and degree of efficiency Regarding gas engines, one must also pay attention to the fuel properties knock resistanceas these also restrict the possibilities of the combustion process.

Lean-burn – Wikipedia While lean-burn gas engines offer higher theoretical thermal efficiencies, Thermal efficiency is better as higher compression ratios are achieved. This new technology allows faster combustion and a lower methane henbacher requirement of the engine.

Gas Engines – Professional Gas Engine Solutions GmbH

GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines Austria The considerably faster combustion of the load of 1. All cylinders therefore have the same cooling conditions and no temperature gradients occur from the front to the rear cylinders of the cylinder engine. In this regard Figure 18 shows a comparison of the HEC engine to the competition as well as to several diesel engines [9].

Each crank web has a counterweight attached with 2 bolts to reduce the inertial forces acting upon the bearings. Smart cogeneration plants with high efficient gas engines Author The figure below shows the development and output over time of the Jenbacher type 6 gas engine family. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.

A cooling water passage has been cast on both sides of the crankcase, the amount of cooling water being dosed through a bore between the lower and upper deck of the cylinder head. The advantage of the crack type is the extremely high dimensional stability of the bearing diameters, with the consequence that socalled oversize con-rods can be avoided after engine overhauls and costs saved. Company Overview GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines 4 GE Energy Jenbacher products Specialist for efficient gas engines – Natural gas segment Production and delivery of plants for decentralized energy supply based on natural Each cylinder head has a combustion chamber window to allow optical recording of the light conditions during combustion.


To do this, one need only press a button on the visualization unit of “dia. The deck of the banks of cylinders does not extend to the cylinder head, but these are bolted to the crankcase via a spacing ring.

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A particular feature that deserves mention is the automatic ignition voltage control system “monic” monitoring ignition control [10]. Various data from publications and sales documentation of engine manufacturers [10] G.

Günther Herdin Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

We optimize various components to achieve the best performance and efficiency in your engine. Utilizing this concept means that in future calorically weak gases can also be burned with high degrees of efficiency.

A maximum ignition pressure of One of the most important points concerning the jenbcaher of gas in an engine is the controlling of the combustion itself due to the methane number requirement.