For all intents and purposes, Jerzy Kosinski was on the fast track for fame under fire with the publication of his third novel, The Painted Bird. “Of all the remarkable fiction that emerged from World War II, nothing stands higher than Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird. A magnificent work of art, and a. The Painted Bird Poster. A young Jewish boy somewhere in Eastern Europe Writers: Jerzy Kosinski (novel), Václav Marhoul (adaptation) | 1 more credit».

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Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

The Painted Bird

Information This entry was posted on 1 August by John Pistelli in book reviewsfictionliterary criticismliterature and tagged american literaturefictionholocaust literaturejerzy kosinskijewish literatureliteraturenovelspolish literaturetwentieth century fictiontwentieth-century literature. The book describes the wandering ths encounters with peasants engaged in all forms of sexual and social deviance such as incestbestiality and rapeand in other forms of extreme violence exciting lust.

If he can build enough credit with God, he will be delivered from injustice.

From this point of view, I’m not surprised it was banned in commie Poland. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The painted bird, in turn, would likely not understand why its feathery friends were trying to kill it. In Defense of Pevear and Kosinki. And he is comfortable.

Children are tougher than we give them credit for, and I was comforted with the fact that he was resourceful in adapting to multiple situations where his own life and innocence are fully at stake. However, he was a Polish Jew and survived so must have had help from Christian Poles. The flock, confused by the stranger’s appearance, would begin to attack the painted bird and eventually kill it, not recognizing it as one of their own. Without saying a word Garbos paintev to beat me unexpectedly p I did as I was told but he continued the beatings.


He concludes not only that there is inherent, possibly irresistible evil in the world but that the odds apparently favour those who side decisively with the Demon who embodies evil.

A magnificent work of art, and a celebration of the individual will. It also, famously, made an impression on David Foster Wallacewho might have learned a thing or two from its brevity.

Actually, there are about ten big problems, but the biggest is credibility. The problem was perhaps that he was a successful, worldly author who played polo, moved in fashionable circles and even appeared as an actor in Warren Beatty ‘s Reds.

The Painted Bird – Wikipedia

It’s a shame because he writes very well and at times offers subtle and memorable insights into the dark side of human nature. The Painted Bird is a very episodic novel. I feel a good historical novel should scream the whole bit about those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

It merely requires the will to act. But, what did I do? Much as Nietzsche detonated a shaped charge and blew away all hope of a totalizing meta-narrative, it was books like The Painted Bird which left me ashamed, almost permanently. After being thrown into a manure pit, he becomes mute. I felt like a squashed caterpillar oozing in the dust, a creature that could not harm anyone yet aroused loathing and disgust.


The Painted Bird – IMDb

View all 14 comments. Prayer, he believes, is the answer to his suffering. His fantasies and grandiose dreams of success are threatened by parental supervision. Let’s just call it postmodernism”.

I could have sworn I had saved my work, which just so happened to be a review for this book, but upon logging onto Goodreads today I noticed that I did not have a review for The Painted Bird. Personally, I didn’t expect that there’s going to be a healing message by the end of this tragic tale anyway. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Kosinski recounts incident after incident with horrifying intensity.

When a hawk swoops down, the flock leaves the pigeon isolated, and it becomes easy prey. The Art of Fiction No. Vird chance of that. View all 35 comments. Quotes from The Painted Bird. Every time I am certain I have everything planned out in terms of paunted and posting reviews, I do something stupid, such as falling asleep with my computer.

Suffering a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, the boy considers his estranged parents as an inconvenient constraint on his freedom and potential. Poland has perhaps the worst record of all.