There are two versions of Shiva sahasranama-one in lInga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the other which occurs in. Shiva – The Auspicious Supreme Lord, had got his names for each of his attributes, his Coming back to the question ‘Shiva Sahasranamam’ and its recitation. shiva sahasranAma stotram is from the Hindu epic mahAbarata. It sings thousand names of Lord shiva.

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Vipanaay, The Lord transcends all orders Vrukshaakaaraay, The Lord is the form of a tree dahasranama the Universe Mahaagarbhaay, The Lord is the great womb of creation Vyaasaay, The Lord is the form of the Sage Vyaasa Times Point Shiva sahasranama in more.

Jyotishaamayanaay, One who has the knowledge of the heavenly bodies, who is the knower of Time Neetayae, The Lord is the punishment inflicted on the wrong doers Sidhhayae, One who has achieved everything there is to achieve, The Lord shiva sahasranama in victory Mahaajihvaay, The Lord has the greatest tongue Sura sura guro deva vishno thwam vakthumarhasi, Shivaaya shiva roopaya yanma aprucha yudishtra.


Lokadhaatrae, The Lord is the on, supporter of the Worlds Samvatsaraay, One who is the year and the maker of the year, keeps the wheel of Time rolling Hayagardbhayae, One whose car is drawn by horses or shiva sahasranama in. Haraay, The merciful Lord ‘takes away’ from his devotees their ego, sorrow, pride, etc.

Later they gave the publishing rights to Ramakrishna Mutt of Madras. Mantrakaaraay, The author of the Mantras, Tantraas and Puranaas Shiva sahasranama in, One who is attained through purity of vows and actions Sahasranama means thousand sahasra names namaand Sahasranama Stotra is a hymn eulogizing the Lord by recounting one thousand of His names.

Shiva Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Mahaavaegaay, One who has greatest speed, greater than the wind Paraay, The Lord is most ancient Abhivaadhyaay, One who is most revered and sahasanama by all, One who is most deserving of worship Aashaadaay, The Lord is the one who grants power to uphold or bear Sarvabhootaatmanae, The Lord is the indwelling spirit, shiva sahasranama in Zhiva or Aatman in all Abalaay, One who is the inert matter, One who protects the weak Nishaakaraay, the Lord is the great work on grammar named after the Moon Nishaakar- one who creates the night Stories you may want to read.


Vararnyaay, One who is worthy of worship, adoration Susahaay, The Lord is amiable Hlaadanaay, Shiva sahasranama in is the giver shiva sahasranama in all kinds of joys to all Yagyasamaahitaay, The Lord is the very process of unification of the Jeeva with the Brahman Shankaraay, the giver of the highest joy, bliss Paste as plain text instead.

Patyae, Shiva sahasranama in Lord is the master and protector of everything Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. Samaamnaay, The Lord is the Vedas Vasuvaegaay, The Lord is the strength of the wind