5 Jun Initial Inspection. The first part of the retreading process is to inspect the tyre to see whether it meets with our stringent quality specifications. Tyre Retreading by Hot Retreading Process. S. Ajeeth Kumar*. UG scholar, Mechanical department, Sethu institute of technology, Madurai, India. There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality standards to.

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Only when it got the corresponding approval, the tyre is given back to the Customer. Instead, by retreading, it is re-covered in great part, adding only a limited quantity of raw materials to replace the worn out tread.

The technologies employed by our company for the manufacture of our machines always allow us to offer to the market high quality products. This means lower logistics costs and makes the operator more flexible and closer to his customers. Retreading proces a procedure offering tyres a second life, supplying a new tread to a worn our tyre.

Tyre Retreading Process | Tyre Retreading

Curing by Chamber The tyre is then placed in a curing retreadig and the pre-cured tread becomes adhered to the tyre through a vulcanizing process. To build a truck tyre 70 kg of rubber are needed for the production of which liters of oil are needed.

This calls for a central production workshop, an extended customer area and therefore brings with it relatively high logistics costs. Tires can be retreaded multiple times if the casing is in usable condition.

The black vulcanizing cement is then allowed to dry 45 minutes at room temperature. The precure retreading process is kind to the carcass, since vulcanisation temperatures are lower and put less strain on rtereading rubber-metal bonds in the carcass. Vacu-Lug Tyre Rescue 60 60 Retread tires in service lower the volume of raw materials required for the prlcess of a new tire.

With comparable tread geometries, the running performance of a precured retread is often better than a hot retread and the same as an equivalent new tyre. The granular residue produced during the Buffing process is extracted using high-powered fans and collected in large hoppers ready for recycling. At the Initial Inspection stage, a visual and tactile examination of the casing takes place followed by a non-destructive shearography test.


Tyre Retreading Machinery Process Monorail. Precure retreading requires high-quality carcasses. The purpose of the curing bag is to inflate the tyre during the curing process.

A study estimates that then current generation of commercial vehicles tires to last up tomiles if they’re retreaded two to three times. This inspection insures that only tyres that meet industry quality standards are allowed to leave the retread plant.

The Department of Transportation requires marking of a “DOTR retreaidng which shows the name of the retreader and when it was retreaded.

The Process of Retreading

In the tyre retreading process, the uncured cushion gum compound has to vulcanize while the pre-cured tread rubber has to be kept in position. Some casings are repaired and some are discarded. This test detects any inherent separations within the casing which are impossible to detect with the naked eye.

The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres. Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence: There are two main processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Arguments in favour of hot retreading: In order to locate any minute holes within the inner wall, the casing is subjected to a penetration detection process which involves high voltage electricity being passed through the tyre whilst it is rotated. Aquaplaning Groove wander Slip vehicle dynamics Tramlining.

Even bias-ply carcasses can undergo hot retreading without any problems. To understand this figure, it is equivalent to lining up passenger tires tread to tread from roughly Los Angeles to San Diego or Philadelphia porcess Washington DC. Use of retreaded tires was common historically, but as ofit was seldom used for passenger vehicles, mainly due to discomfort on the road, safety issues and cheaper tire brands surfacing on the market.

Raw rubber is applied to the tire procwss and it is then placed in a mold where tread is formed. The combination of heat, time and pressure ensures that the new rubber is correctly vulcanised, resulting in a tyre with the same tread pattern and depth as the matrix specification prrocess which it was intended. Tires used for short delivery vehicles are retreaded more than long haul tires over the life of the tire body.


Archived copy as title. The NHTSA is continuing research to determine the proportion of tire debris from retreads in comparison to new tires. Collection of Casings Worn tyres are collected to select suitable casings for tyre retread.

Tyre Retreading Machinery

Therefore, retreading tyres means extending the life time of the product improving its yield in kilometers, valorizing the casing and exploiting completely the investment already done by the purchase of the new tyre. Federal Executive Order supports the use of retread tires for economic and environmental efficiency by requiring federal vehicles to use retread tires after original factory equipped tires become non serviceable, but only when “such products are reasonably tyrd and meet applicable performance standards”.

State of the Art Autoclave software package.

The bonding gum is applied on the tyre and the stitching is done at low pressure. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recognizes the public perception that retread tires frequently used by heavy vehicles are less safe than new tires as evidenced by tire debris frequently found on highways.

Therefore it must be ensured, there are no injuries which might reduce tyrw safety or performance of the retreaded tire. This is called the building process. Initial Inspection The initial inspection is done to evaluate the casing.

Tyre Repair This ttyre is performed to remove all injuries identified during initial inspection and replace the material with structurally sound materials which will give new life to the casing Buffing The primary objective of buffing is to remove the worn out tread and prepare the surface for a new tread.

Preparation Yyre the buffed casing undergoes a further visual inspection with an experienced eye. Managing closed-loop supply chains.

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